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• 4/15/2018


why dosent it start with everyone with 0 points?
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• 4/15/2018


why do i never win
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• 1/7/2017

Why I drift race not working?

Drift race is where all me and ym friends communicate but now when i log on to drift race,... its just a Blank page! i Reaload it i restart my computer and i try it every day but it does not work ... i am very dissapointed that i cant talk to my friends and that i cant play another mode now im jsut playing all the boring games like mope diep and slither and bloble i really want this to be fixed!
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• 12/18/2016

TO ALL USERS WITHOUT ONE: Start an account please

All "A Fandom User"s should create an account, for these reasons.
1. All edits by you will be kept in order.
2. Users will be able to be banned, to stop repeating offenders. As a moderator, this makes my job easier.
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• 9/25/2016


i need secret vehicle
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• 12/20/2016

The Conceptions Wiki

The conceptions wiki needs more attention. Someone make a highlighted thread about it, or just highlight this one.
This is the wikia.
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• 9/14/2016

Hai everyone!

I'm a great drifitn.io gamer so as for diep.io.
This wiki needs a layout, and a better wiki logo. Could i do one?
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