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The Ambulamp was the seventh class in the game according to the changelog. The in-game description says that the Ambulamp "Can heal itself and others."


  • Max Health
  • Health Regeneration
  • Heal Power
  • Repair Kit (Item)


The Ambulamp is a gray rectangle with white rounded outline. It has a red cross at the back of it.


  • At the beginning of the game upgrade Max Health.
  • Do not upgrade Health Regeneration as you can heal yourself by bouncing back bullets. You should upgrade Healing Power instead of Health Regeneration.
  • Heal players with low health as you might have a chance of them protecting you.
  • A great strategy is to not spend points on health regen, but rather shoot your healing orbs at a wall, bouncing off of it and hitting you. This strategy does take some skill and timing, but is very effective.
  • You can heal yourself by boosting and shooting the healing orb.
  • Many players will not harm an Ambulamp, but try to get a good reputation by healing other players, especially hazards and busters, because they are usually easier to heal than a high speed racer, and they can protect you better.


Fighting with the Ambulamp is nearly impossible as it does very little damage. If you try to fight, go against traitors with low health, as a traitor that has killed you after you healed them would be hard to kill. You can also heal other players so that they protect you, however, do not heal those that have purposefully damaged you, because there is a very high chance they are backstabbers. Heal allied players as much as possible, especially when they are fighting a stronger class.

If you have high HP regen, (more than lvl 5) you can try the bait & switch strategy: ram, run away, ram, run away, ram, run away, etc.

However, there are several cases where the Ambulamp can be deadly;

  1. Ramming someone into a wall
  2. Fighting a Flash or a Piercer which has the same attack as the Ambulamp but less defense
  3. Causing an accident and making a chain reaction of crashes
  4. You're already playing dead - people don't like attacking ambulamps, but ambulamps can attack anyone they want.


  • Ambulamp was added on the August 24th, and is the seventh class in the game.
  • It is the only class that can't do any defensive damage, (e.g. the hazard deals a lot of defensive damage) unless you ram into someone. (attacking damage)
  • Ambulamp is Australian term for Ambulance.
    • This makes sense since the maker of is Australian.
  • Ambulamp has 4 upgrades:
    • Max Health
    • Health Regeneration
    • Heal Power
    • Repair Kit
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