The Bully was the one of the first cars in the game, along with the Racer. It was added August 17, 2016. According to the game, it is "Slow but bouncy, bounces of of other objects"


  • Max Health
  • Health Regeneration
  • Boost Regeneration
  • Bounce Power


The Bully is a circle slightly than the Racer, it is a dark blue circle with a light blue outline. It's slower than Flash, Racer, and Hazard, but faster than Buster.


  • Upgrade Boost Regen early so you aren't picked off by Hazards on the first lap. If one attacks you, dodge and keep boosting away.
  • Upgrade Health Regeneration once upon start of the game. Then alternate between Max Health and Regeneration.
  • Save 75 boost and hide in the last corner of a lap that hasn't been completed. Stay there to farm and kill anything with low health coming towards it. Then quickly boost to catch up to the other racer and kill them.
  • If teaming with another person, get one to chase and another to block. This will end up of getting the victim trapped in an unavoidable death. This strategy is hard to perform but is quite useful
  • If teaming with 5 or more people, try forming a wall right before the finish line. If a car runs into you, surround it and squish it. The reform the wall. This is a troll strategy and easily induces rage quits to the victim.
  • Avoid fights with hazards of the same level AT ALL COSTS. They have higher speed and body damage.
  • A very good strategy is to have good boost regen. This will allow you to maneuver around people hazards with high body damage, and gradually gain a boost advantage over them.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Good Against

  • Flash, its weak health and massive speed leads to instant death
  • Buster, it can stay away from the cannonball and use it's higher speed to bump it to death.
  • Piercer, some Piercers will be careless and crash to a Bully by using force push, this make it bounce into the wall and do high damage or die, and almost no damage will be done to the Bully.

Bad Against

  • Hazard, its higher damage and speed means it can chase down and repeatedly smash the Bully.
  • Sludger, since the Bully is already slow, the Sludger can outrun you, and slow you down even more.
  • If low on health, other Bullys can kill you.


  • Was added into game August 17. being the second in game car.
  • It's slower than Flash, Racer, and Hazard, but faster than Buster.
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