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Buster is the sixth class in the game, according to the changelog on August 23, 2016. The game explains that it is "very slow but has a destructive cannon."


  • Health Regeneration
  • Max Health
  • Cannon Damage
  • Reload Speed


A simple trapezoid with dark grey color and light grey outline.


  • Upgrade Cannon Damage first to do maximum pwnage. This will get you more points to spend on damage and so on.
  • Use cannon to pick on Racers and Flashes.
  • Farm points by staying in the last corner before the finish line to pick off any weakened cars with your powerful cannon, destroying opponents who have lower health due to being in that stage of the lap.
  • Team up with other Busters and rapid fire on a car.
  • If attacked by a hazard, use your boost to juke him out while reloading. If you are out of boost however, you are most likely dead. When driving laps, leave about 50 boost just in case you encounter a hazard.
  • If you do use up your boost, go in reverse (press Q) , turn around, and shoot behind you. This will give you short recoil speed. For this backup plan, you will need 5 or higher reload.


Good Against:

  • Flash: Bullet is faster than the Flash and does loads of damage since Flash has very low health.
  • Racer: a weak racer will go down easily.
  • Sludger: has low health, so they are easy kills.
  • Deprived: has low health, so is an easy kill.

Decent Against:

  • Hazard: Hazard can easily kill a Buster if the player is not paying attention. Otherwise, it is relatively easy to strafe a hazard while also shooting at it.
  • Other Busters, the Buster who shoots first will win.

Bad Against:

  • Bully: Bully can reflect the cannonballs easily, thus reducing damage to said target. It usually will take anywhere from 3-4 cannon balls to kill a base Bully with a base Buster.


  • This class was originally faster than Bully.
  • This is 1 of the 3 classes that can shoot projectiles, although the Buster's is the only one that does damage.
  • It used to have a slower reload time.
  • Has 4 upgrades:
    • Health Regeneration
    • Max Health
    • Cannon damage
    • Reload
    • Turn Speed (This upgrade was removed)
  • It is a major troll class, alongside Hazard.
  • The concept for firing a cannon originally started as a power-up for the Racer class.
  • The buster can shoot projectiles at itself like Sludger and Ambulamp, but it's not advised because it just kills itself. If it succeeds, the kill notification will say "(player name) self-destructed."
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