The Deprived, was a removed class, it was originally added August 18 and removed August 19. It was re-added again on September 13. Unknown to most, it can be really useful. It's first description was, ”When you complete a lap you get a reward.” It currently only says "Good Luck".


  • Max Health
  • Max Boost
  • Move Speed
  • Repair Kit (Item)


The Deprived is a brown hexagon with a light brown outline. It used to be a light rounded brown square with a dark outline.


  • Group up with other Deprived in hopes one of them will make it and help you.
  • Avoid EVERYTHING on the first lap.


The Deprived class was deleted for 2 main reasons, being weak and overpowered at the same time. When you upgraded Super Health, your health went up to 750, and when you upgraded Super Boost, your boost went up to 200. On the first lap, others would pick on the Deprived as a source of free upgrade levels. However, attack went up to 50 automatically. It is unknown as to why it was added back.


The Deprived class now is unusable, as it does not gain Super Health and Super Boost from completing a lap. It is rare, almost impossible to find someone who uses this class. People pick on this class as a source of free upgrades. But now, it doesn't even give ANY points at all.


Good Against

  • Nothing, when health hasn't been upgraded.
  • Hazard, will outlast and out speed it.
  • Flash, it dies from crash damage.
  • Piercer, if Deprived has maxed out health and regeneration, if piercer has only speed upgrades or is at lap 1.

Bad Against

  • Everything, when on the first lap.
  • Buster, the knock back prevents it from fighting back. Again, overpowered.
  • Racer, Because all stats are better that these from Deprived.


  • It was added along side the Hazard on August 18.
  • It no longer gives any points to the person who kill it.
  • It was the second Class to deleted and added back.
  • It is THE MOST useless class in, with having almost no health or damage.

Racer Download Ear Sludge Littlelamp (ghost)buster

Hazard Bully Star Deprived Secret
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