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This is the OFFICIAL wiki database for the game Driftin.io, a game that is reminiscent of Diep.io and the game that started the IO craze, Agar.io. In this game, you control a polygon shaped vehicle that races against other players. You upgrade, kill and win to become what no one else is. Are you ready to be the fastest that ever lived, the first survivor to lap 20? Play at http://driftin.io/

Have any fan ideas, check out the Driftin.io conception wiki here, made by one of this wikis admins, FallenBooster.

Demo Video

The intensity is real! Compete with others in real time as you try to be the very best!


How To Play

The objective of the only game-mode is to make 20 laps around a rectangular track. The first person to do so ends the game and is declared the winner. Every time you complete a lap, you get healed back to max health and your boost is restored. You also get a "Skill Point" to spend on an upgrade or an item, which will help you furthermore. But if you die, your laps are reset to 1, so be vigilant! Killing people also may give you a "Skill Point".

Different classes work better with different strategies, some classes are slow but pack a punch, others are fast but fragile.


  • Racer An all around versatile class
  • Bully Perfect to push the other players out of the way, but not to kill them. Defensive class.
  • Flash Very fast class, hard to control. Speed class.
  • Hazard Destructive and fast, but uses boost inefficiently. Offensive class.
  • Buster Can shoot a cannon ball every few seconds. Offensive class.
  • Ambulamp Can heal other players/bounce a healing orb off of a wall to heal itself. Support class.
  • Piercer Very fast, hard to control, tiny health. Can boost every few seconds. Speed class.
  • Deprived Nothing powerful, Useless class.
  • Sludger Can shoot a sludge ball every few seconds. It slow other players. Defensive class.
  • Star Can become invincible for short periods of time.
  • Secret Class Can drift through walls for a short peroids of time. Name it Hacker? ;)

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