The Flash is the third car in the game. It was added on August 18, 2016. The game's description describes it as "Very fast, but handles poorly and has low health."


  • Max Health
  • Boost Regeneration
  • Move Speed
  • Max Boost
  • Boost Refill (Item)


The Flash is an isosceles triangle that is slightly thinner than the Racer. It has an indigo outline and a violet body color. It is the 2nd fastest in the game as of now, and it's max speed is almost impossible to control. It has a lot of speed, but it's almost non-existent attack and health make it hard to survive in combat.


  • Upgrade Max Health at the beginning of the game, keep cursor closer to the car to go slower and be more maneuverable.
  • Upgrade Boost Regeneration every 3 turns
  • Avoid all other cars, touching them at high speed will cause instant death
  • Boost abuse is necessary when being chased, use whenever you feel like you are being chased by a player or aimed at by a Buster
  • Heal up with Ambulamps as much a possible but don't over use them
  • When passing a player who might be going for the kill, be sure to fool them. This should be easy due to your speed and boost.


Good Against

  • None, it has weaker health than everything else, with the exception of the Piercer. The Flash class is meant for racing only.

Bad Against

  • Hazard, touching one will kill you
  • Bully, touching deals major damage, going at high speeds it might kill you.
  • Buster, its bullets are almost as fast as the Flash, about 85% of your speed, avoid at all costs.
  • Walls. As strange as it sounds, crashing into a wall usually results in death.


  • It was added August 18. It was the 3rd class to be added
  • It is the fastest default vehicle
ve Vehicles

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