The Piercer is a racing class and is the ninth class in the game. It was originally known as the Phaser but then removed. In this process it lost it's ability to become untouchable. It was later added again on September 9th. The in-game description says: "Pure speed but poor handling."


  • Max Health
  • Health Regen
  • Move Speed
  • Repair Kit (Item)


The Piercer is a yellow-brown triangle with a light orange outline. It is an isosceles triangle and its shortest side is concave. It's appearance is similar to the Racer's The Piercer is the second fastest class in the game.


  • Use Force Push for corners. A little before a corner, start pointing where you need to go and once you get to the corner, use Force Push. It will usually send you around the corner at roughly the same speed you went into it. Because of the short ability recharge, you can do this constantly around corners.
  • Upgrade Max Health solely at the beginning of the game and speed later if you are going for defensive, and upgrade Max Health and Health Regeneration if you are going for offensive
  • Avoid Hazards and Bullys at all costs, an unupgraded Hazard deals 1/2 damage when piercer has 10 Max Health and Bully does 1/4
  • Use Ambulamps as much as possible, even if you just trying to ram flash classes.


  • If the match has just started for all players, upgrade max health about 4 times before anything else. This makes it easier to survive accidental run-ins with walls and players.
  • Alternative tip: upgrade speed only if you want to be a really weak, but fast car. This is useful if the match is already 1/2-way over and you need to catch up to the top players. It is risky, but can work effectively.
  • At the start, (or possibly even at all) don't worry about health regen. You will be doing laps and recovering health so quickly that it doesn't matter. However, if you are going to be slightly offensive, you may want health regen.


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