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The Racer was the one of the first cars in the game, along with the Bully. It was added August 17, 2016. According to the game, it is a "Versatile racer, a perfect starting point."


  • Max Health
  • Health Regeneration
  • Max Boost
  • Move Speed
  • Repair Kit (Item)


The Racer is a simple isosceles triangle with a red body and a bright red outline.


  • Upon starting the game, upgrade Max Health and do laps regularly trying not to bump into anything. Save at least 30 boost for the last half or race. After that upgrade Max Boost and continue upgrading in that pattern.
  • If the Max Health is at least 7, a farming strategy can be applied. Stay in the last corner in the lap you have not completed with at least 30 boost remaining. When someone with low health comes, try blocking them and draining their health.
  • One strategy is to buy Speed and Max health points at the very beginning of the race to try and outrun other players. Try to alternate between the 2 upgrades, however you may need to upgrade one or the other depending on which classes you are up against. Speed upgrades will serve as your economy and health as your survivability. Only ram people if you are certain it will kill them and not put you in any danger later on. Also, try to predict when the side of the track will end so you can keep a smooth turning style.
  • Try maxing out your Speed, then your Regen. Speed is superior because, if you get max speed, you still have superior handling to Flash, even though you two are practically the same speed.


Good Against

  • Flash, by catching up to it and bumping it.
  • Ambulamp, because they don't do any damage. Watch out, though, if you kill an Ambulamp and you're at very low health, they might not heal you.
  • Star, as they are very fragile and usually easy to kill.
  • Secret, for the exact same reason as Star.
  • Deprived, for the exact same reason as Star.

Decent Against

  • Other Racers
  • Piercer, a lap 1 Piercer can die from a racer but a piercer with maxed out Max-Health could kill a racer, unless the Racer has maxed out Max-Health too.
  • Sludger, they're pretty fragile but can slow you down.

Bad Against

  • Buster, a Buster is able to take down a Racer easily.
  • Bully, as they have lots of health and it can get quite messy upon bumping on them.
  • Hazard, a regular Hazard and do at most 1/2 damage. Boost away from it as soon as possible.


  • The Racer was added into game on August 17, being the first car in the game.
  • It is an all-around car, and has balanced stats.
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