This car is a black 4 pointed star (or Octagon) with a thick white outline. This vehicle starts with very low health and 40 boost.

This class can go through walls every 5 seconds with its ability "Wall Hack." This class also gets 2 upgrade points per lap, much like the Star Class.


  • Max Health
  • Health Regen
  • Max Boost
  • Boost Refill (Item For Wall Hack)

How to Unlock

With this new method, you can create a bookmark to make it easier for you to get the secret class, without having to type the command each time you open the game.

  1. Create a new bookmark called "Secret Class"
  2. Type the following command in the bookmark link: javascript:classIndex=(31081995)
  3. Save the bookmark.

Each time you open the page, you will just have to click the bookmark to get the secret class. No need to type commands or open the console anymore.

When you unlock the class though, it will NOT show on the class popup.


When using this vehicle, try to use the wall hack whenever possible. The secret class is almost as weak as a deprived tank if not used correctly. When a heavily - damaging tank, like the hazard is near, use the wall hack to escape, or possibly lure the tank into a wall. This tank is often attacked by tanks from other classes, as people may think its a hacker, which means Max Health and Health Regen are a priority. When using the wallhack, never go back in the same direction you entered the wall from. This will cause the tank to slow down, and then go back out the wall, which will likely get you killed before you even exit the wall. Try to team with other "hackers" as its hard for a tank to chase two tanks at once. It may also be a good idea to stay near the wall in case of sudden attack from offensive classes. Also, make sure you have enough boost before going through walls!


  • This Class will appear as a star on the leaderboard.
  • It has no official name.
  • It is the only class with 8 sides (although this class is generally considered to be a star).
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