Sidney de Vries is a game developer from Australia who has made games such as,,,, and


The Sidney de Vries


Born on August 31, 1995, Sidney de Vries aka TheBigShot1 is a software and mobile application developer. He acquired a degree in Information Technology from Minerva Schulen Basel in 2012 and then a Bachelor's degree of Information Technology from James Cook University in 2015. He speaks German and English while also having limited proficiency with French.

He is fluent in Java, Javascript, SQL, and other programming languages.

Sidney has been the founder and developer of "The Big Shots," a software development company for approximately 4 years as of 2016.

He currently lives in Australia.


These are the games created by Sidney.

  • is a 32-bit 2D top-down shooter game where the player chooses a a variety of classes and then goes into the game to kill other players. Wiki here.
  • is a racing browser game where the player chooses a certain vehicle and then competes with other players to get 20 laps around the track while upgrading your own vehicle. (You probably know this already, though.)
  • is a naval battle game in which the objective is to kill others using a ship by upgrading while collecting doblons (coins). Wiki here.
  • is a tower defence game in which the objective is to defend you bubble is kill the surrounding players while upgrading your artillery. Wiki here.
  • is a 3D top-down shooter, which plays much like, and includes the majority of former's features. Wiki here.
  • is a 2D survival game where one must gather resources and survive by farming, or by killing other players. Wiki here ... and here.
  • is a fully 3D first-person shooter styled after the original Counter-Strike, but which uses the classes from It is the first game Sidney made that has a map editor in it. Wiki


  • The day he was born is an unlock code for a secret class.


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