aka ]}————{[The Ultimate Tissue]}————{[

  • I live in a super-massive Black Tree with glowing Ruby Leaves and 4 Amethyst Stairs going all around it.
  • My occupation is ​Purple Texts in comments (usually), using upside down names in-game and that's all.
  • I am A Tissue... A very Powerful Tissue of Darkness. (but also shy lol)

​This is a Visitor on

​The Name is ​ɐuʎɹɐɹǝʌɐɔO in the game. Only that name, nothing else.​

Can also be on other games:​

  •​ (mostly now)
  • ​ (very rarely)

​That's all to say now.

Chat Screenshots:


​A Chat with Kookunefikl and Pepsi Crasher. Pepsi is my cousin and Kookunefikl is just... idk, a friend, i guess.


​Pepsi Crasher chatting with his Twin "Pepsilina".

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