Void is a secret class ball, according to players, it has been seen multiple times in game, and some say that it is a developer tank.


  • Max Regeneration
  • Max Health
  • Speed
  • Split Amount (4)


Void is a ball that seems to shift and act like a unstable cell ball.

it goes in itself and out itself and it's outline is gray and the inside the black to look like a black hole or a void.

How to Unlock (You Cannot)

Simple, you cannot unlock this unless your developer or some kinda hacker who knows how to find secret tanks in the game, other than that, here is a possible list.

  • Login as Developer and scroll threw the secret classes.
  • Find some Tampermonkey hack to get itn or downloadable one, or just hack it yourself.
  • Use Command Prompt to hack or use clickbait.
  • Just take pictures of the sightings.


Not much is known about this tank because it was only seen by a user on Reddit posted onto the Diep.io forums before getting removed.

The Tank however as mentioned seemed to split in cells, into a max of Four kinda like Agar.io except the Void could not take wall damage but however could still be damaged by incoming rammer tanks and speeders and buster cannons of all types.

The Void tank is not immortal however, it would be a sight to play as.


  • This tank is one of the secret tanks that cannot be gotten in anyway.
  • The User TOAA seems to not have Dev as it's name leading to speculation of hacks or just developer testing out a tank.
  • There is only one image of this sighting


This is the only image of the Void tank, does anyone know how to play as this tank, please tell me, I would love to know how to.

Void Sighting.png

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